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Gholami & Abedi Fruit & Vegetable Co. L.L.C is a family owned business encouraging a complete...
We have an extensive line of seasonal fresh fruits & vegetables that can be supplied in volume from...
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"We are in business to provide exceptional service, quality & competitive price to our Clients rather than try to be all things to all; we focus on what we do best."

Dubai is a well-known trading hub. Gholami & Abedi is a trader by heart; we only avail the best quality products and our goods have even reached such countries like Seychelles and Maldives.


Our vision is straightforward - and our motivations help us to spread globally. Our products aremost of the time re-exported to other GCC countries.

HOSPITALITY - Hotels (5, 4, 3 Stars), Cruise Liners, Caterings, Restaurant

We efficiently understand the requirements of this segment, providing the high level of service by means of effective communication and timely deliveries is our key.
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