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Gholami & Abedi Fruit & Vegetable Co. L.L.C is a family owned business encouraging a complete...
We have an extensive line of seasonal fresh fruits & vegetables that can be supplied in volume from...
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Gholami & Abedi and Ali Gholami is a company Certified by SGS -HACCP, Multi-disciplinary HACCP team is formed consisting of Hygiene Officer as Team Leader and MD, Import / Quality Director, GM, Sales In-charge, Store In-charge as team members. A fleet logistic of over 180 refrigerator trucks and 190 staff member.

Our top priority is food safety!

Over 50% of all purchase decisions are made directly at the Point of Sale and the fruit and vegetable counter has the highest level of impulse buying. So it's all the more important that from apple to zucchini, quality is assured across the board and can be recognized at first glance. In order to meet the demands of the market with regard to quality and safety of fruit & vegetables, Gholami & Abedi and Ali Gholami have taken precautions to attain "HAZARD FREE PRODUCTS". We developed our own way of hands - on quality assurance, which kicks in at producer level. All partners are required to work with this system under all production steps and processes are documented and this applies both local and foreign supplier. At the same time we require that its supplier be certified in accordance to SGS - HACCP or a similar system. If a commercial client stipulates quality control on the basis of different quality assurance system, Gholami & Abedi and Ali Gholami will select suppliers with the corresponding certification. All partner suppliers are carefully selected only those meet specific criteria are permitted to supply Gholami & Abedi Vegetables & Fruits Co. L.L.C Dubai and Ali Gholami Vegetables & Fruits Co.L.L.C that has gain trust form over 350 valued customers.

Gholami & Abedi and Ali Gholami recently achieved GOLD
STANDARD by audit member NSF - Cmi Long Hanborough
Business Park
Long Hanborough, Oxford

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